Our Services

P.A. Fulvio & Associates offers a broad range of services including development, marketing and special event management and creation. We believe that in order for non-profit organizations to reach their maximum potential, it is necessary to operate in the same manner as successful businesses by creating a competitive, goal-driven, focused environment. It is important to:

  • Have a realistic view of how your organization is perceived by the public
  • Use cause in a way that creates a symbiotic relationship with potential donors
  • Have a long-term view with respect to the use of capital
  • Maintain a strong organizational structure that leads to effective decision-making
  • Use special events as significant income opportunities

Special events for non-profit organizations present unique challenges and require a distinct expertise. More often than not, the lion’s share of the work involved in producing a special event is left to volunteers or added on to an already overburdened staff member’s workload. The result is that the event is not given the time and manpower necessary for it to reach its full potential. We can provide you with the expertise and the turn-key services to maximize the impact of a special event.

We hope that you will consider P. A. Fulvio & Associates services to analyze your current fundraising strategies and special events and determine how they can better serve your mission. We can evaluate your existing structures and create a plan to significantly improve them. At that point you can use your own staff to implement the plan or if you prefer, we can provide those services, also.